Street Angels

Street Angels in Whitby

Street Angels are there to help make Whitby town centre a safer and better place.  At the moment we can only patrol on two Saturdays a month because of a lack of volunteers.  We are there to help and listen to people, especially those in difficult or vulnerable situations.


Volunteers needed!

Are you over 18 and interested in joining the Whitby Street Angels? Come and join us. Contact us to go out on patrol one evening to see if you would like to become a Street Angel. It is a church based initiative but everyone is welcome to join whatever their beliefs. We just work together and respect each others skills and friendship. 


Whitby Street Angels will be out on Sat 25th July 2022 10pm-approx 2am. 


A few stay safe tips for staying safe when you go out:

  • Follow the Government Covid-19 guidelines.

  • Plenty sense. Plenty water. Plenty friends. Never leave your drinks around.

  • Always stay with your friends, don't go off alone, have their contact information on you somewhere other than your phone and over a big dinner beforehand try to think about your drinking limits for the night and stick to them!

  • Always eat before a night out - never drink on an empty stomach.

  • Know your drink limit. Know what you are drinking so you can know how much you have had. This will help you and your friends know if your drink has been spiked because you have kept account of your alcohol intake.

  • Keep your taxi money in another part of your handbag/wallet so you don't spend it. Always sit in the back of the taxi if you are travelling by yourself.

  • Pick a venue right for you - if you feel out of place, leave! Most fights start over something minor - someone knocks you, spills your drink - apologise! Don't get involved in breaking up a fight - that's the job of the door-staff! Someone pestering you - try and ignore them and if that doesn't work ask the bar or door - staff to help you. Look out for your friends - make sure they are safe.

    If in doubt find the Street Angel volunteers who will offer help and support or a police officer or ask the door - staff. Have a safe night out.




Street Angels out and about.