Street Angels

Practical Action

Working in partnership with local organisations such as the local police, the ambulance service, the Borough Council CCTV team, local security services etc. teams of three to five will patrol the streets.  We will respond quickly if someone needs to help – with first aid – but also by calling the appropriate services if needed.  However we hope to prevent calling on those services in the first place by providing practical help like: picking up discarded bottles and glasses, helping people to get a taxi home, contacting friends or family, being a listening ear, chatting with people and providing flip flops to those without shoes.

Christians on the team will also pray with those people who request it.  The main point though is to provide a friendly face in the town centre, helping to make everyone’s evening as fun and as safe as possible.   The Street Angels will aim to get to know people and build relationships in order to find out what their needs are and what can be done to help them.