Street Angels



We produce a monthly prayer letter.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this please contact us.



Anyone is welcome to join us at the start of our Street Angel evenings, from 9.30pm every Saturday night at the Mission to Seafarers, Haggersgate Whitby to pray for the work of the Street Angels. 

We also hold a monthly prayer meeting. Come and join us in celebration and prayer for the work of Whitby Street Angels on Tues 24 April 6.00 pm, at Mission to Seafarers, Haggersgate. Whitby.



A Prayer for Street Angels in Whitby

Circle us Lord, keep protection near and danger afar. 

Circle us Lord, keep hope within and doubt without.

Circle us Lord, keep light near and darkness afar.

Circle us Lord, keep peace within, keep Evil out.




Street Angels by Chris

S is for streets, we pace them at night

T is for teamwork we strive to get right

R is for revellers out in the town

E is for enjoyment that ends with a frown

E is for excess, leaving friends all alone

T is for taxis, taking them home


A is for Angels whose light shows the way

N is for never enough can we say, of

G is our God whose love has no end

E is for ever our rock and our friend

L is for laughter Street Angels share

S is for smile to show folks we care